RMCEB6 - Mario Kart 7 JY

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region NTSC-U
languages EN, ES
title (EN)Mario Kart 7 JY
synopsis (EN)Mario Kart 7 JY It is a mod based on the Mk7 3ds including new music, textures, worlds, characters and much more.
This hack has 8 cups (Hongo Cup, Flower Cup, Star Cup, Special Cup, Heart Cup, Platano Cup, Leaf Cup and Lightning Cup) 2 new characters (Metal Mario and Petey Piranha) and more than 5 new cars.
title (FR)Mario Kart 7 JY
synopsis (FR)Mario Kart 7 JY est basée sur le 3ds MK7, y compris la nouvelle musique, textures, mondes, personnages et plus mod.
Ce hack a 8 tasses (Mushroom Cup, Coupe Fleur, Coupe Star, Coupe spéciale, Coupe du Coeur, Coupe Platano, Leaf Cup et la foudre) 2 nouveaux personnages (Métal Mario et Petey Piranha) et plus de 5 Véhicules neufs.
title (ES)Mario Kart 7 JY
synopsis (ES)Mario Kart 7 JY Es un mod basado en el Mk7 3ds incluyendo nuevas musicas,texturas,mundos,personajes y mucho mas.
Este hack cuenta con 8 copas (Copa Hongo,Copa Flor,Copa Estrella,Copa Especial,Copa Corazon,Copa Platano,Copa hoja y Copa Rayo) 2 personajes nuevos (Metal Mario y Petey Piraña) Y Mas De 5 Coches Nuevos.
title (IT)Mario Kart 7 JY
synopsis (IT)Mario Kart 7 JY è basata su 3DS Mk7 tra cui la nuova musica, le texture, i mondi, personaggi e molto altro mod.
Questo hack ha 8 tazze (Mushroom Cup, Coppa Fiore, Stella Cup, Coppa speciale, Cuore Cup, Coppa Platano, Foglia Cup e fulmini) 2 nuovi personaggi (metallo Mario e Pipino Piranha) e più di 5 nuove vetture.
title (JA)Mario Kart 7 JY
synopsis (JA)マリオカート7 JYは新しい音楽、テクスチャ、世界、文字とより多くのmodを含むMK7の3DSに基づいています。
developer Nintendo
publisher Charly Retro
release date 2016-12-13
genre racing

players 4
req. accessories wiimote
accessories nunchuk, classic controller, gamecube pad, wheel
online players 12
online features online connectivity, score sharing, message board, Wiimmfi


Mario Kart 7 JY CUSTOM cover (RMCEB6)

Mario Kart 7 JY CUSTOM cover (RMCEB6)

Mario Kart 7 JY CUSTOM disc (RMCEB6)