RM8K01 - Mario Party 8

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region NTSC-K
type Wii
title (EN)Mario Party 8
synopsis (EN)Roll up, roll up! The carnival is in town and it's time to party! Join Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, DK and more of your favourite Nintendo characters as they compete across five brand new game boards and more than 60 new minigames to win the coveted prize: a year's supply of candy! But Bowser isn't about to let them get away with it…

For the first Mario Party on Wii, up to four players roll virtual dice and move around the game boards (ranging from a haunted house to a moving train and a treasure island) before competing in crazy minigames that make full use of the Wii Remote; such as tightrope walking, skipping, snowboarding, boat rowing, lassoing and even cake decorating.

As well as the main, madcap multiplayer game, Mario Party 8 also features a special single-player only mode, a minigame-only mode, a bazaar where you can unlock new minigames and goodies, and a mode made specifically for playing as Mii characters!

•The first Mario Party for Wii
•Includes 60+ all-new minigames made especially for the Wii Remote
•Play with up to three friends or battle against the computer
•Five new game boards, each with pitfalls to avoid and shortcuts to take
•Choose from 14 classic Mario characters, including Party newcomers Blooper and Hammer Bro.
•Play dedicated minigames using your Mii characters
•Widescreen mode
title (ES)Mario Party 8
synopsis (ES)¡Que no pare la fiesta! ¡Ha empezado el carnaval y es la hora de ir de parranda! Compite con Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, DK y más personajes favoritos de Nintendo en cinco tableros nuevos y más de 60 minijuegos para ganar el codiciado premio: ¡suficientes caramelos para un año!
title (JA)マリオパーティ 8
title (KO)마리오 파티 8
title (ZHTW)瑪俐歐派對8(韓)
synopsis (ZHTW)《瑪俐歐派對 8》是系列作首款 Wii 平台作品,玩家將在各式各樣的遊戲盤面上行動,透過遊玩各式小遊戲的方式相互較量,以收集最多無敵星為目標,最多可 4 人同樂。

遊戲中將收錄 6 種主題的遊戲盤面,以及超過 70 種小遊戲,並針對 Wii 遙控器 / 雙截棍控制器的指標與動態感應等創新功能來設計,內容比以往更為多樣化、更具趣味性。部分小遊戲並將支援 Mii 漫畫肖像分身,讓玩家能以自己的分身來與瑪俐歐們進行比賽。
title (ZHCN)马里奥派对8(韩)
synopsis (ZHCN)《马里奥派对 8》是系列作首款 Wii 平台作品,玩家将在各式各样的游戏盘面上行动,通过游玩各式小游戏的方式相互较量,以收集最多无敌星为目标,最多可 4 人同乐。

游戏中将收录 6 种主题的游戏盘面,以及超过 70 种小游戏,并针对 Wii 遥控器 / 双截棍控制器的指针与动态感应等创新功能来设计,内容比以往更为多样化、更具趣味性。部分小游戏并将支持 Mii 漫画肖像分身,让玩家能以自己的分身来与马里奥们进行比赛。
developer Hudson Soft
publisher Nintendo
release date 2008-11-6
genre party
rating ALL

players 4
req. accessories wiimote
accessories nunchuk
online players 0


마리오 파티 8 Wii cover (RM8K01)

마리오 파티 8 Wii cover (RM8K01)