RM8E01 - Mario Party 8

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region NTSC-U
type Wii
languages EN
title (EN)Mario Party 8
synopsis (EN)The world's most popular party videogame is getting a lot crazier in Mario Party 8 for Wii! Whether you're shaking up cola cans or lassoing barrels, you and your friends will be drawn into the action like never before using the Wii Remote.

All-new ways to play:

* Play with motion control: Row your way through a river race, Punch a statue to pieces, Steer race cars, mopeds, and go-karts, Handle a balancing pole while walking a tightrope.
* Play using the Pointer: Shoot at Boos in a haunted house, Drag and drop toppings in a cake-decorating competition, Select the correct answers in game-show challenges.
* Play using the Wii Remote's buttons: Jump and pummel your way through a football brawl, Hop and run across a field of spinning platforms.

All-new features/boards:

Mario Party 8 for Wii also includes dozens of new mini-games, six new party boards, and many new game modes. In a series first, players can transform their characters into many forms, such as player-smashing boulders and coin-sucking vampires. Mario Party 8 also includes "extra-large" mini-games like Star Carnival Bowling and Table Menace. One to four players can play Mario Party 8 for Wii, each with a Wii Remote.
title (ES)Mario Party 8
synopsis (ES)¡Que no pare la fiesta! ¡Ha empezado el carnaval y es la hora de ir de parranda! Compite con Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, DK y más personajes favoritos de Nintendo en cinco tableros nuevos y más de 60 minijuegos para ganar el codiciado premio: ¡suficientes caramelos para un año!
title (JA)マリオパーティ 8
title (KO)마리오 파티 8
title (ZHTW)瑪利歐派對8(美)
synopsis (ZHTW)本作是“《瑪利歐派對》系列”第八作,同時也是操作方式徹底革新,更加有趣的作品,瑪利歐與他的伙伴們將在新的舞台與大家一同參與次世代的熱鬧派對。本作將繼承系列輕鬆詼諧的遊戲風格,由眾多多人迷你遊戲構成,有如明星保齡球狂歡等大型迷你遊戲,通過動作感應操作,你可以親手乘著木舟劃過急流、將雕像一拳一拳地擊碎、駕駛賽車急馳、走鋼絲、射擊等等,在全新動作感應機能的支持下,整個遊戲的“手舞足蹈”程度絕對不會亞於《手舞足蹈 瑪莉歐制造》。
title (ZHCN)马里奥派对8(美)
synopsis (ZHCN)本作是“《马里奥派对》系列”第八作,同时也是操作方式彻底革新,更加有趣的作品,玛利欧与他的伙伴们将在新的舞台与大家一同参与次世代的热闹派对。本作将继承系列轻松诙谐的游戏风格,由众多多人迷你游戏构成,有如明星保龄球狂欢等大型迷你游戏,通过动作感应操作,你可以亲手乘着木舟划过急流、将雕像一拳一拳地击碎、驾驶赛车急驰、走钢丝、射击等等,在全新动作感应机能的支持下,整个游戏的“手舞足蹈”程度绝对不会亚于《手舞足蹈 瓦里奥制造》。
developer Hudson Soft
publisher Nintendo
release date 2007-5-29
genre board game, party
rating E

content comic mischief

players 4
req. accessories wiimote
accessories nunchuk
online players 0
save blocks 1 (copy move)


Mario Party 8 Wii cover (RM8E01)

Mario Party 8 Wii cover (RM8E01)

Mario Party 8 Wii disc (RM8E01)

Mario Party 8 Wii disc (RM8E01)