RL2HMN - Horse & Pony: My Riding Stables

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region PAL
type Wii
languages EN
title (EN)Horse & Pony: My Riding Stables
synopsis (EN)The riding stable at the old mill is going to shine with a new gleam: the condition of the riding hall is alarming, there's a draught in the stall and no one wants to live in the guest house. But that's all in the past, because now you've arrived and are bringing your worst rivals to the edge of despair.

Stall, riding hall and guest house will be renovated and soon you'll have enthusiastic guests who are happy to pay for their stay. With the proceeds build a new breeding stall, and soon the first foals will be frolicking with their mothers on the heath.

Later you train the foals with the longe and can sell them to interested parties whom you trust. Horse owners will also be happy to call on your services for massages for their four-legged friends. Your own horse is also in the stall and loves to go on exciting rides through the woods, on the beach and in the mountains. Once you've trained enough, you can participate in numerous cross-country races, and each Sunday you can win a cup!

Show your rivals that by living with horses a dream can come true!

Key Features:
* Interactive riding control with Nintendo Wii Nunchuk and Wiimote over 9 challenging riding courses
* Breeding (over 100 possible combinations), foal training with the longe, horse massage
* Business simulation with horse care, building construction, training and guest hospitality aspects
title (NL)Paard & Pony: Mijn Paardenstal
synopsis (NL)Al jouw ruiterdromen komen uit!

Is het jouw droom een professionele ruiter te worden? Een eigen rijschool te hebben? Je kunt het allemaal zelf ervaren in deze game “Mijn Paardenstal”. Je kunt echt alle aspecten van het leven op een manege leren kennen! Rij buiten op de prachtige velden en zorg voor een nieuw record!

* Rij als een echte ruiter door prachtige landschappen
* Fascinerende sim game
* Realistische 3D weergave
* Beleef het echte paardrijden met gebruik van de Wii controls
* Volledig Nederlandstalig
developer Digital Tainment Pool
publisher Mindscape
release date 2008-12-4
genre simulation
rating 3

players 1
req. accessories wiimote
online players 0


Horse & Pony: My Riding Stables Wii cover (RL2HMN)

Horse & Pony: My Riding Stables Wii cover (RL2HMN)

Horse & Pony: My Riding Stables Wii cover (RL2HMN)

Horse & Pony: My Riding Stables Wii cover (RL2HMN)

Horse & Pony: My Riding Stables Wii disc (RL2HMN)