RKDJEB - Trauma Center: Second Opinion

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region NTSC-J
type Wii
languages JA
title (EN)Trauma Center: Second Opinion
synopsis (EN)The hit Nintendo DS surgical simulator comes to Nintendo's new home console in this remake (or 'Wii-make') with vastly updated graphics, a second playable character, a new sixth chapter and new instruments to wield - this time with the Wii controllers.

In Trauma Center: Second Opinion you take the role of rookie doctor Derek Stiles - a young surgeon with the extraordinary 'Healing Touch' ability - as he is enlisted into the secret Caduceus organisation to combat a deadly new disease.

In the DS version you used the touch screen and stylus to perform surgical procedures but in this Wii version you can get totally hands-on by using the motion sensitive Wii Remote and Nunchuk.

With a controller in each hand you will be able to manipulate more than a dozen different instruments on-screen in realistic ways; such as injecting with syringes, making incisions with scalpels, removing tumours with tweezers ('pinching' by pressing the A and B buttons together) and bringing patients back to life with a shock from the defibrillator paddles (by moving both hands forward and pressing buttons on both controllers simultaneously).

By using two controllers, you can use one hand (the Nunchuk) to select instruments and the other (the Wii Remote) to wield them. This way, you can even play together with a partner by holding one controller each; one of you is the doctor and the other is the nurse! Plus, the Wii Remote's built-in rumble feature allows you to feel every delicate move you make.

•Based on the hit Trauma Center: Under the Knife for Nintendo DS
•Play as Dr Derek Stiles or a brand new surgeon character with a new type of Healing Touch ability
•Select instruments with the Nunchuk, wield them with the Wii Remote
•Use life-like motions to make incisions, perform injections, suture wounds and use the heart defibrillator
•Perform new surgical procedures like repairing broken bones and transplanting organs
•Brand new sixth chapter of the story, not seen in the DS version
•Advanced graphics for Wii show the medical action in detail without being gory
title (ES)Trauma Center: Second Opinion
synopsis (ES)En Trauma Center: Second Opinion encarnas al médico novato Derek Stiles, un joven cirujano dotado de un poder de curación extraordinario y recién incorporado a la organización secreta Caduceus para combatir una nueva enfermedad mortal.
title (JA)カドゥケウスZ -2つの超執刀-
title (ZHTW)超執刀 再次執刀(日)
synopsis (ZHTW)在2018年的日本,人類面臨著絕症Guilth的威脅,當世界正遭遇著恐慌的時候,立志消滅所有疾病的秘密組織Caduceus當然不會放過這場瘟疫。當玩家扮演的Tsukimori遇上了自己的首位感染Guilth患者時,所有的一切即將改變,而故事也從此開始。當然,能否拯救世界將與玩家是否掌握精湛的醫術息息相關,而穿插其間的Tsukimori與秘密組織的故事更是驚心動魄!
title (ZHCN)超执刀 再次执刀(日)
synopsis (ZHCN)在2018年的日本,人类面临着绝症Guilth的威胁,当世界正遭遇着恐慌的时候,立志消灭所有疾病的秘密组织Caduceus当然不会放过这场瘟疫。当玩家扮演的Tsukimori遇上了自己的首位感染Guilth患者时,所有的一切即将改变,而故事也从此开始。当然,能否拯救世界将与玩家是否掌握精湛的医术息息相关,而穿插其间的Tsukimori与秘密组织的故事更是惊心动魄!
developer Atlus
publisher Atlus
release date 2006-12-2
genre simulation, strategy
rating B

content violence

players 1
req. accessories wiimote, nunchuk
online players 0


カドゥケウスZ -2つの超執刀- Wii cover (RKDJEB)

カドゥケウスZ -2つの超執刀- Wii cover (RKDJEB)

カドゥケウスZ -2つの超執刀- Wii disc (RKDJEB)

カドゥケウスZ -2つの超執刀- Wii disc (RKDJEB)