RK6J18 - Kororinpa 2

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region NTSC-J
type Wii
languages JA
title (EN)Kororinpa 2
synopsis (EN)Marbles! Balance Challenge is a skill-based action title where the player helps an Ant called Anthony save his colony via a series of physical tests. Wii Balance Board users can access Marbles! Balance Challenge?s 100 specially-created stages where the players steer a ball using the shifting weight of their physical movements. This unique way to control the game offers a new experience and combines fun and physical exercise. Players can also use gentle movements of the Wii Remote, with steering the ball through 200 different stages in a quest to locate the mythical ?Golden Sunflower Seed.?

As the player progresses the level designs grow ever more complex as they introduce houses, snow-capped mountains, deserts, watery settings and even a space station. In addition to rolling through the colourful stages, the player must also collate parts needed to extend and repair the roads they traverse, which ? when assembled ? give access to the game?s final stage. Similarly, other items of ephemera can be collected and used to add new elements within the extensive edit mode.

Marbles! Balance Challenge includes tough multi-player modes where up to four players battle it out in a race to the finish, and an edit mode that allows users to create their own stages and share them among friends via the Nintendo Wii Connect24 service. The competitive element of the game can also be explored globally, with online leaderboards detailing the best scores for all to see.
title (ES)Kororinpa 2
synopsis (ES)Videojuego de acción y habilidad ideado para jugarlo con el Wii Balance Board de Wii pero con soporte para el wiimote, donde encontraremos cerca de 200 niveles, multijugador a pantalla dividida para cuatro jugadores y un editor de niveles.
title (JA)コロリンパ2 -アンソニーと黃金のひまわりのタネ-
synopsis (JA)『コロリンパ2』は、タマをステージから落とさないようにころがしてゴールをめざす迷路ゲームです。操作はカンタン。Wiiリモコンをかたむけるだけ。 “金色ひまわりのタネ”をさがすアリのアンソニーのために、世界中を探してパーツを集めよう。今作では260以上のステージを収録。なんとバランスWii ボードにも対応!身体をかたむけてタマをゴールまでころがしてみよう♪ころがすタマも、ねこやばくだんなど、かわいいタマやおもしろいタマがいっぱい。
title (ZHTW)轉轉球迷宮2[平衡板][WiFi](日)
synopsis (ZHTW)轉轉球迷宮是一款利用Wii遙控器傾斜角度來控制球的移動的遊戲,目的就是讓那顆小小的玻璃球到達最後終點,從字面上來看很簡單,但是親自下去玩才會發現難度之所在。

title (ZHCN)穿越迷路2[平衡板][WiFi](日)
synopsis (ZHCN)只要利用遥控器手柄的倾斜来控制场景的变化,让那些可爱的小球顺利到达终点即可的动作游戏《穿越迷路》续作《穿越迷路2)》(暂称)登场。本作将不再是简单的动作解谜游戏了、玩家将作为的为了寻求传说中””之种而展开益智之旅。
developer Hudson Soft
publisher Hudson Soft
release date 2009-8-6
genre puzzle
rating A

players 4
req. accessories wiimote
online players 0


コロリンパ2 -アンソニーと黃金のひまわりのタネ- Wii cover (RK6J18)

コロリンパ2 -アンソニーと黃金のひまわりのタネ- Wii cover (RK6J18)

コロリンパ2 -アンソニーと黃金のひまわりのタネ- Wii disc (RK6J18)
コロリンパ2 -アンソニーと黃金のひまわりのタネ- Wii disc (RK6J18)