RIVEXJ - Ivy The Kiwi?

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region NTSC-U
type Wii
languages EN
title (EN)Ivy The Kiwi?
synopsis (EN)Players of all ages are instantly drawn to the plight of Ivy, introduced to the charming bird through an unfolding storybook style, first seen as her orange head and beak break out of her shell and cries for her mother. Receiving no response, Ivy sets off through a dreamy forest, meeting many birds but none who share her resemblance. As she wanders, she stumbles upon a single glowing red feather and the first clue of her mother’s whereabouts.
Presented in a beguiling storybook-like art style, Ivy the Kiwi? utilizes a unique control scheme to guide Ivy through her daunting journey. Ivy moves back and forth freely and independently of the player through timed 2-D side-view landscapes, and is guided by the use of vines created and controlled by the Wii Remote as players aim to collect more orange feathers through the stages to boost their overall score. These stretchy vines herd Ivy forward, upstairs, over walls and dangerous spikes and other menacing obstacles. Multiple vines may be created and used in conjunction, and an existing vine can be pulled in a slingshot motion to propel flightless Ivy skyward or forward as a projectile to drill through barriers and enemies. Vines bend and flex with the motion of the Wii Remote, but pulled too far and they snap!
title (ES)Ivy the Kiwi?
synopsis (ES)Recién salida del cascarón, el polluelo Ivy se embarca en una peligrosa aventura en busca de su desaparecida madre en Ivy the Kiwi?, un encantador juego de plataformas diseñado por el creador de Sonic the Hedgehog. ¡Ayuda a Ivy a llegar a casa haciéndola saltar, girar y romper los obstáculos en su camino!
title (ZHTW)奇異鳥伊維(美)
synopsis (ZHTW)《奇異鳥伊維》作為一款讓玩家們在有如古老圖畫一樣的關卡舞台上來進行冒險的一款2D橫向捲軸動作遊戲。遊戲中玩家們可以使用觸控筆(Wii版使用體感控制器)來導引作為遊戲內主角,一出生就跟母親分離而且還不會飛行的小鳥「Ivy」到達目的地來挑戰關卡;另外遊戲中將提供多達一百個的關卡讓玩家們來挑戰,雖然一開始的關卡構造非常簡單,但隨著玩家們不斷前進,關卡難度將會增高,還會出現必須完成好幾個複數特定條件才能過關的新要素追加。本作還將搭載四人連線的多人模式,其中Wii版的連線模式主要是讓玩家們來比賽看誰先到達目的地;在 NDS版方面,則是除了對應無線連線之外,還對應一卡四人同樂的下載連線,讓玩家們可以跟朋友一起對戰同樂..
title (ZHCN)奇异鸟伊维(美)
developer Prope
publisher Xseed Games
release date 2010-8-24
genre action, adventure
rating E

content comic mischief

players 4
req. accessories wiimote
online players 0


Ivy The Kiwi? Wii cover (RIVEXJ)

Ivy The Kiwi? Wii cover (RIVEXJ)

Ivy The Kiwi? Wii cover (RIVEXJ)
Ivy The Kiwi? Wii disc (RIVEXJ)

Ivy The Kiwi? Wii disc (RIVEXJ)