RGHC20 - Guitar Hero III Custom : Fail Edition

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languages EN
title (EN)Guitar Hero III Custom : Fail Edition
synopsis (EN)Custom Guitar Hero 3. This custom is designed to be extremely difficult, but still fun. 95 songs total.
title (ES)Guitar Hero III Custom: Fail Edition
synopsis (ES)Nivel 1 - Starting Out Fail:
Hatebreeder - Children of Bodom
In The Heart Of Stone - Dark Moor
Thunderhorse - Dethklok
Trailblazers - Hammerfall
Speed of Light - Stratovarius

Nivel 2 - Your First Real Fail:
The Curse Of Castle Dragon - Paul Gilbert
Revolution Deathsquad - DragonForce
Halloween - Helloween
Bodom Beach Terror - Children of Bodom
As Blood Runs Black - Hester Prynne

Nivel 3 - Making The Fail:
Isosceles - Marc Rizzo
The Ghost Sword - Dark Moor
Soldiers of the Wasteland - DragonForce
I am Legend - Arch Enemy
Silent Night, Bodom Night - Children of Bodom

Nivel 4 - European Invasion of Fail:
Gargoyles, Angels Of Darkness - Rhpasody
The Moon - Dark Moor
Holographic Universe - Scar Symmetry
Black Winter Night - Dragonforce
Revelations - DragonForce

Nivel 5 - Failhouse Blues:
Black September - Dark Age
Instrumental - Dark Age
Once In A Lifetime - DragonForce
Blossom, the Witch - Still Remains
From **** - Dark Moor

Nivel 6 - The Failest Band on Earth:
Never Die - Yngwie Malmsteen
Insurrection - Trivium
Belly Dancer - Joe Satriani
Black Dragon - Luca Turilli
Weballergy - Sonata Arctica

Nivel 7 - Fail in Japan:
Gilberto Concerto - Paul Gilbert
Kissing the Shadows - Children of Bodom
Dragonbreed - Suidakra
The Fool - Dark Moor
Tie My Rope - Children of Bodom

Nivel 8 - Epic Fail:
Inferno (Unleash the Fire) - Symphony X
Conjuring the Thoughts - Skyfire
Torn Between Scylla and Charybdis - Trivium
The Fall of Melnibone - Dark Moor
Through Fire and Flames - DragonForce

Canciones adicionales:
Fives - Guthrie Govan
The Psalm of Lydia - Nevermore
Scavengers Daughter - John 5
The Gargoyle - Paul Gilbert
Fields of Despair - DragonForce
Smoke and Mirrors - Symphony X
This Dying Soul - Dream Theater
Sequoia Throne - Protest the Hero
Death of a Dream - Epica
Towards Dead End - Children of Bodom
Destruction Preventer - Sonata Arctica
Disciples of Babylon - DragonForce
Funeral Hymn - Exodus
Animate-Inanimate - John Petrucci
Warmen - Return Of Salieri
The Crusade - Trivium
Multi-Masking - Spastic Ink
Operation Ground and Pound - DragonForce
Bliss - Paul Gilbert
Thrown to the Wolves - Death Angel
If You Want Peace Prepare for War - Children of Bodom
Roadkill Morning - Children of Bodom
Keeper Of The Seven Keys - Helloween
Holy Light - Stratovarius
Ride the Sky - Helloween
Banish From Sanctuary - Blind Guardian
Winter Madness - Wintersun
Eudaimonia Overture - Paul Gilbert
Chokehold - Children of Bodom
Night of the Slunk - Buckethead
Travel in Stygian - Iced Earth
Scarified - Racer X
Sea of Lies - Symphony X
A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation - Trivium
Bodom After Midnight - Children of Bodom
Guitars Still Suck - Bumblefoot
Flight of the Wounded BumbleBee - Extreme
Mable's Fatal Fable - Jason Becker
Fury of the Storm - DragonForce
The Dark Eternal Night - Dream Theater
Eleven Blue Egyptians - Jason Becker
The Ytse Jam - Dream Theater
Jump Man - Buckethead
Viking Kong - Racer X
Follow the Reaper - Children of Bodom
Technical Dificulties - Racer X
Nothing Left - Norther
The Calamity - Trivium
The Weight Of Obligation - Nathania
Evening Star - DragonForce
Storming the Burning Fields - DragonForce
Bladecatcher - Mastodon
The Foetus Of A New Day Kicking - Cradle of Filth
Firewind Raging - Firewind
Blood and Thunder - Mastodon
title (ZHTW)自制 吉他英雄3 下載版(歐)
title (ZHCN)自制 吉他英雄3 下载版(欧)
developer ClockWorK
publisher ClockWorK
release date 2009-10-19
genre music, rhythm

players 2
req. accessories wiimote, guitar
online players 0


Guitar Hero III Custom : Fail Edition CUSTOM cover (RGHC20)

Guitar Hero III Custom : Fail Edition CUSTOM cover (RGHC20)

Guitar Hero III Custom : Fail Edition CUSTOM cover (RGHC20)

Guitar Hero III Custom : Fail Edition CUSTOM cover (RGHC20)

Guitar Hero III Custom : Fail Edition CUSTOM disc (RGHC20)