REXJ01 - Excite Truck

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region NTSC-J
type Wii
languages JA
title (EN)Excite Truck
synopsis (EN)In the grand racing tradition of Excitebike, get ready for a big-air experience like no other! Players rocket their trucks across dynamically changing terrain in this nitrous-injected, high-flying racer for speed junkies. Showing the Wii Remote's versatility, players tilt the controller on its side to turn it into a wireless steering wheel!

* Body English: Remember tilting your arms while playing Excitebike to try to make your character land a huge jump? Now that move will actually affect the game in Excite Truck.
* Controller as a Steering Wheel: Players hold the Wii Remote like an NES controller to control the truck. The 2 Button is the accelerator, the 1 Button is the brake, the +Control Pad is the turbo... but that's just the beginning. Tilt the Wii Remote controller right and left like a steering wheel to steer. Once the truck goes airborne, tilt the Wii Remote controller every which way to line up the wheels for landing boosts.
* Dynamic Terrain: Pick up items on the courses to make the terrain deform in real time, turning innocent bumps into massive launch pads that affect not only the player's route, but that of his or her rivals. Players jump and bump their way to the highest score and highest finish.
title (ES)Excite Truck
synopsis (ES)Prepárate para una experiencia de altos vuelos totalmente única, en la que los jugadores van como cohetes por terrenos que cambian dinámicamente. Sólo tienes que girar el mando de Wii como si fuera un volante para abrirte paso entre tus contrincantes y ejecutar acrobacias que te quitarán el hipo.
title (JA)エキサイトトラック
synopsis (JA)Wiiに待望の体感レースゲームが登場!!Wiiリモコンをハンドルにオフロードを激走!好みのマシンで出発。





title (ZHTW)瘋狂卡車(日)
synopsis (ZHTW)玩家駕駛著各式四輪車、大卡車、賽車等,享受火箭衝刺、碰撞,與完全無視物理定律的大跳躍、大碰撞、大翻滾。玩家甚至可以經由取得道具來改變地形,享受領先你的電腦車輛被隆起的大土丘拋上半天高,或是被突然噴發的火山巖飛彈或落石砸爛的復仇快感。這款遊戲中車輛匪夷所思的行駛方式,絕對能讓最強悍的台灣砂石車司機也為之羞澀。
title (ZHCN)疯狂卡车(日)
developer Monster Games
publisher Nintendo
release date 2007-1-18
genre racing
rating A

players 2
req. accessories wiimote
accessories wheel
online players 0


エキサイトトラック Wii cover (REXJ01)

エキサイトトラック Wii cover (REXJ01)

エキサイトトラック Wii cover (REXJ01)
エキサイトトラック Wii disc (REXJ01)
エキサイトトラック Wii disc (REXJ01)