REJJAF - Family Trainer 2

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region NTSC-J
type Wii
languages JA
title (EN)Family Trainer 2
synopsis (EN)ACTIVE LIFE: Extreme Challenge is the follow up to the successful Active Life: Outdoor Challenge game/mat bundle. Leveraging the ‘active gaming’ trend, Active Life games use a mat controller along with the Wii Remote to incorporate the player’s entire body into the gameplay.

ACTIVE LIFE: Extreme Challenge kicks ACTIVE LIFE into high gear, featuring ‘extreme’ themed sports such as base jumping, street luge, and rock climbing. Whether you want to swoosh down the hills of San Francisco in a street luge, scale the cliffs of the Grand Canyon, or kite-surf in the crystal blue waters of the Pacific, this game will get your heart pumping!

* More to Play – 15 activities plus multi-player and time trial
* All New Activities – Include street luge/in-line skating, kite surfing, base jumping,acrobatic double dutch, BMX biking, skateboarding and rock climbing
* Unique & Stylish Cel-Shaded Art Design – Detailed environments and cool character designs
* Mii™ Integration – Includes the option to use Mii characters
* Fun for Everyone – Single and multi-player games to challenge you, your family and friends
title (ES)Family Trainer 2
synopsis (ES)¡15 desafíos extremos a los que enfrentarse con total seguridad! Elige a tu Mii, o a uno de los personajes incluidos en el juego, y súbete a tu alfombrilla de baile para enfrentarte a tus amigos y familiares por turnos... ¡o competir juntos sobre la misma alfombrilla!
title (JA)ファミリートレーナー2
synopsis (JA)『ファミリートレーナー2』には、完全新作の新アトラクションを多数収録。大自然からストリートまで多彩なスポーツを存分に楽しめます!また、盛りあがること間違いなしの2人対戦(全モード対応)も1枚のマットで遊べます。
title (ZHTW)家庭訓練機2[跳舞墊](日)
synopsis (ZHTW)《家庭訓練機》是一款對應專用踏墊控制器的新型態體感運動遊戲。遊戲中收錄了許多需要手腳並用的小遊戲,且可以提供雙人一起遊玩。NAMCO BANDAI Games 將推出新的續作《家庭訓練機 2》。

《家庭訓練機 2》中則是加入了更多充滿速度感的遊戲,像是街頭騎士、越野摩托車、水上拖曳板,讓玩家在家也能享受極速的快感。另外還準備了攀岩、空中降落、街頭滑板等不同的體感運動讓玩家有新的體驗。
title (ZHCN)家庭教练2[跳舞毯](日)
developer h.a.n.d.
publisher Namco
release date 2009-12-10
genre sports
rating A

players 2
req. accessories wiimote
online players 0


ファミリートレーナー2 Wii cover (REJJAF)

ファミリートレーナー2 Wii cover (REJJAF)