RDWJG9 - Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire

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region NTSC-J
type Wii
languages JA
title (EN)Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire
synopsis (EN)3rd person action-adventure game set in a fantasy world where an evil dragon has been trapped inside six pieces of an enchanted sword. Play as a young man who first finds the sword and learns to unleash the powers of the dragon through his sword and arms. An all-new arcade-oriented experience that takes advantage of the Wii Remote with incredibly responsive swordplay.
title (ES)Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire
synopsis (ES)A veces hay que combatir el fuego con fuego, ¡especialmente cuando se trata de dragones! Sin embargo, para superar estas temibles criaturas legendarias, se necesita un poco más que fuego... se necesita al fabuloso Dragon Blade.
title (JA)ドラゴンブレイド
title (ZHTW)龍之刃 巨龍的怒火(日)
synopsis (ZHTW)動作冒險遊戲《Dragon Blade Wrath of Fire》以龍之力量作為主題,玩家扮演追尋六把神秘龍之刃的冒險者,利用 Wii 獨特的遊玩方式來體驗此作。

玩家在遊戲中的所有戰鬥是利用Wii 遙控器手柄與雙截棍手柄來進行,但此作並非單純的使用刀劍來戰鬥。當玩家收服到一條龍之後,就能得到控制龍之力的能力。玩家只要發動龍之力就能向敵人作出致命攻擊。
title (ZHCN)龙刃 怒火燃烧(日)
developer Land Ho
publisher D3 Publisher
release date 2007-11-22
genre action
rating B

content violence

players 1
req. accessories wiimote, nunchuk
online players 0


ドラゴンブレイド Wii cover (RDWJG9)

ドラゴンブレイド Wii cover (RDWJG9)

ドラゴンブレイド Wii cover (RDWJG9)