R7XE69 - Need for Speed: Nitro

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region NTSC-U
type Wii
languages EN
title (EN)Need for Speed: Nitro
synopsis (EN)Customize your car, take corners at 200 mph, and own your opponents. Need for Speed NITRO delivers the fun and exhilaration of high-speed racing with deep and challenging gameplay, where racing skills are not the only way to victory.

Master advanced techniques such as building up boost by taking risks on the road, then use it at the right moment to take the lead. But don’t forget about the cops, who will do everything they can to disrupt the race. And for the ultimate bragging rights, impose your graphical style on the world when you lead.

However you choose to race, never count on victory until you’ve crossed the finish line.

* Own the World - When you're in first place, the walls of the city become covered with your graphic style. Now everyone knows that you're the one leading the pack.
* Pick Your Ride - The style and spirit of the game are rooted in car culture, with 30 classic and modern licensed cars including muscles, exotics, tuners, and more.
* Battle to the Finish Line - Increase other racers' heat levels to sick the cops on them, manage car damage to maintain maximum speed, and build up nitro with skilled driving to take the lead. The race is never over until you cross the finish line!
* Extreme Customization - Trick out your car's appearance using an incredibly deep yet intuitive customization system unlike anything seen on the Wii. Never before in a Need for Speed game have you had this much control over the look of your ride.
* Coop World Tour Campaign - Take part in illegal street races across five cities to unlock new cars, parts, tracks, and challenges. Up to three players can also join you to play cooperatively. Plus, race on 15 tracks featuring traffic, jumps, canyons, and events.
* Nitro-Charged Multiplayer - Up to four players can take part in intense races across seven race modes: Race, Team Race, Eliminator, Drag Race, Speed Cameras Challenge, Drift Challenge, and Time Attack Challenge.
title (ES)Need for Speed: Nitro
synopsis (ES)Prepárate para vivir la diversión y la emoción de las carreras de alta velocidad, combinadas con la actitud de las marcas de coches y su cultura con un juego emocionante y profundo. ¡Ábrete camino a través de cinco mega ciudades, evitando la constante persecución de la implacable policía!
title (ZHTW)極速快感 爆衝王(美)
synopsis (ZHTW)《極速快感:爆衝王》融合了大型電玩競速遊戲的趣味及刺激,讓玩家登上風馳電掣的速度舞台,能在時速 200 英哩的高速下放手一搏。為了搭配充滿速度感的遊戲內容,《極速快感:爆衝王》特別收錄了取自世界各地知名與創新藝人(包括 k-os、Placebop 以及 Crystal Method)的音樂作品做為遊戲配樂,令玩家在遊戲中更加的熱血沸騰。

  「搭配這些遊戲配樂,對《極速快感:爆衝王》的緊張刺激遊戲內容有放大作用。」美商藝電全球音樂行銷總監史帝夫.舒納(Steve Schnur)表示:「融合搖滾、電音及嘻哈類型的遊戲配樂,加上刺激狂奔的遊戲內容,將帶給玩家永難忘懷的遊戲體驗。」
title (ZHCN)极品飞车 氮气(美)
developer EA Montreal
publisher Electronic Arts
release date 2009-11-3
genre racing
rating E10+

content mild lyrics, mild violence

players 4
req. accessories wiimote
accessories nunchuk, classic controller, gamecube pad, wheel
online players 0


Need for Speed: Nitro Wii cover (R7XE69)

Need for Speed: Nitro Wii cover (R7XE69)

Need for Speed: Nitro Wii disc (R7XE69)

Need for Speed: Nitro Wii disc (R7XE69)