R4VJA4 - Teleshibai Wii

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region NTSC-J
type Wii
languages JA
title (EN)Teleshibai Wii
synopsis (EN)This edutainment software is modeled on the concept of "kamishibai" (traditional Japanese picture-card story show) and is designed for user to read a story shown on a display aloud to children using a microphone. It uses a voice-changing function to transform the readers' voice-tones to suit the characters in the story. In addition, there is a range of other unique digital features including sound and animation effects. With these characteristics, while having fun, children can learn characters and start to understand sentences naturally, and gradually they will be able to read stories by themselves. As all the stories accompanied by voice-overs, so it is possible for children to listen to the stories alone, too.
KOTO has contributed to the software development and graphics implementation of this product.
title (JA)テレしばい Wii
synopsis (JA)日本の昔話・世界の名作を、テレビ紙芝居で読んだり聞いたりすることができます。おはなしの登場キャラに合った声に自動でボイスチェンジしたり、シーンごとに素敵なBGMが流れたりと、さまざまな演出効果機能があるので、小さなお子様でも楽しく遊びながら、読解力や音読力を身に付けることができます。

title (ZHTW)電視劇場Wii[WiFi](日)
synopsis (ZHTW)《電視劇場Wii》是一款旨在親子互動的Wii遊戲。內容主要是以親子互動為主題,所以遊戲中將會以連環畫的形式展開一個個的小故事,並且羅列出許多生活中常見的物品讓兒童辨識,同時以麥克風採集聲音加以識別。
title (ZHCN)电视剧场Wii[WiFi](日)
developer Koto
publisher Konami
release date 2009-7-30
genre adventure, educational
rating A

players 2
req. accessories wiimote, microphone
online players 0


テレしばい Wii Wii cover (R4VJA4)

テレしばい Wii Wii cover (R4VJA4)

テレしばい Wii Wii disc (R4VJA4)