R4CJ13 - SimCity Creator

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region NTSC-J
type Wii
languages JA
title (EN)SimCity Creator
synopsis (EN)Be a powerful mayor -- create, enjoy and destroy your ultimate city. Start by zoning your city, constructing homes, businesses, factories, skyscrapers, freeways, railroads, and much more. SimCity Creator is a visually exciting experience with a completely new user interface, designed specifically for the Wii and the Wii remote. You’ll discover many ways to customize your city, including 13 city styles to explore, such as American, European and Asian themes. More city styles will be revealed, so stay tuned for more information!

You can also place a selection of more than 30 “Hero” buildings into your city to make it distinctive and momentous. Some of these iconic buildings are based on the current day, some on history and some on fantasy. The more city styles you explore, the more Hero building options you have.

For the first time, take the liberty to build transportation systems with free placement of rounded and curved roads and rail lines, taking your city to new creative and curvy heights. And get a new perspective on your cityscape from a helicopter, a jet or a propeller plane which you can use to fly over your creation. Check out what you’ve built in your aircraft of choice!

Disasters that players of SimCity always love remain an important and entertaining element in SimCity Creator. Using the Wii remote you can create earthquakes, tornados, call in destructive robots and monsters, create fires and discover many more ways to cause havoc. You created it, and now you can destroy it. With hours of fun and replayability, the fate of your city and its citizens are in your hands!
title (ES)SimCity Creator
synopsis (ES)Conviértete en un poderoso alcalde: crea, disfruta y destruye tu propia ciudad. Construye hogares, comercios, fábricas, colegios, autopistas y todo lo necesario para que tu pueblo pueda vivir y trabajar en armonía. Descubre las infinitas posibilidades, ¡y crea una metrópolis a tu estilo!
title (JA)シムシティ クリエイター
synopsis (JA)都市育成シミュレーション『シムシティ』がWiiに登場!
『シムシティ クリエイター』で、プレイヤーは市長になり、発電所をつくり、道をひいて、家を建てたり、線路をひいたりしてまちづくりを行います。
title (ZHTW)模擬城市 建筑大師[WiFi](日)
synopsis (ZHTW)玩家要成為極富權力的市長,創造、欣賞及摧毀你的終極城市。從為城市劃分區域開始,建設住宅、商業建築、工廠、 摩天大樓、高速公路、 鐵路等等。透過專為Wii 和 Wii遙控器設計的嶄新使用者介面,玩家將發現各種自行改造城市的方法,包括 13 種城市風格等著你去探索,例如美國、歐洲和亞洲主題等等。

玩家也可以挑選並興建超過 30 種的「英雄」建築物,讓你的城市獨樹一格。這些代表性的建築物,乃是源自一些現代及過去的經典傑作,甚至是幻想創造出來的。


《模擬城市》系列招牌的災難機制也將成為《模擬城市: 建築師》的重要娛樂元素之一。透過 Wii 遙控器玩家可以製造地震、龍捲風、召喚毀滅機械人和怪獸,創造大火以及發現許多引起浩劫的方法。無論建設或破壞,城市和市民的命運全都掌握在玩家手中!
title (ZHCN)模拟城市 建筑大师[WiFi](日)
developer Maxis
publisher Electronic Arts Japan
release date 2008-9-25
genre simulation, strategy, construction simulation
rating A

players 1
req. accessories wiimote, nunchuk
online players 0
online features score sharing


シムシティ クリエイター Wii cover (R4CJ13)

シムシティ クリエイター Wii cover (R4CJ13)

シムシティ クリエイター Wii cover (R4CJ13)
シムシティ クリエイター Wii disc (R4CJ13)

シムシティ クリエイター Wii disc (R4CJ13)