R47E20 - ATV Quad Kings

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ID R47E20
region NTSC-U
type Wii
languages EN
title (EN)ATV Quad Kings
synopsis (EN)Speed may earn you victories, but to wear the crown in ATV Quad Kings, you'll need to show some style! Travel across the globe to compete in nine locations. Pick your four-wheeler from an array of quad bikes and dune buggys, each with different performance specs, then cash in your winnings to improve your ride. Rise to the top in four skill levels and master all the right moves in four game modes: World Tour, Arcade, Time Trial, and Freestyle. Being first to the finish in hard-fought races is good, but to be Number One you'll need to catch air and perform some serious tricks in freestyle contests, too.
title (ES)ATV Quad Kings
synopsis (ES)Tu velocidad podrá brindarte victorias, pero para coronarte campeón en ATV Quad Kings, ¡tendrás que mostrar algo de estilo! Viaja alrededor del mundo y compite en nueve localidades usando una de las fantásticas cuatrimotos a disposición, cada una con características únicas. ¡Hazle tragar polvo a tus adversarios!
title (ZHTW)ATV沙灘車之王(美)
title (ZHCN)ATV沙滩车之王(美)
developer Beyond Reality Games Ltd.
publisher Zoo Games
release date 2009-8-11
genre racing, off-road racing
rating E

players 2
req. accessories wiimote
accessories nunchuk, wheel
online players 0


ATV Quad Kings Wii cover (R47E20)

ATV Quad Kings Wii cover (R47E20)

ATV Quad Kings Wii cover (R47E20)
ATV Quad Kings Wii disc (R47E20)

ATV Quad Kings Wii disc (R47E20)