R3KP6N - Skyscraper

R3KP6N - Skyscraper

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region PAL
type Wii
languages EN
title (EN)Skyscraper
synopsis (EN)Wednesday night at Tigra Group: Chemical Researcher Chris Wilson finds himself walking out of the lift after it bizarrely stops at the 20th floor. Exiting the lift he finds the security guard lying dead in front of him. Panic enters his body and his vision narrows. Chris is left with a seemingly impossible mission ahead of him - survive and save his girlfriend and colleagues, by attacking his aggressors.

A simple man, in the wrong place at the wrong time, with all the odds against him, Chris has to become a killer in order to become a hero!

Players will work through 20 floors of intense survival situations and varied objectives. Numerous missions include gun combat, bomb making, puzzle solving and many other challenges.

You'll learn how to mix up chemicals to create bombs and how to use a gun as a first timer. Realistic weapons, which advance in style and power with every accomplished level.

Want to stay one step ahead? Hack the building’s security systems to keep yourself hidden from the terrorists and buy yourself crucial extra time.

To keep yourself moving, you'll need to gather medical kits to nullify the effects of your illness, essential in order to complete each mission.

The storyline follows realistic terrorist attack scenarios, but good could prevail if you succeed in your tasks.
title (DE)Skyscraper
synopsis (DE)Eigentlich konnte es nicht schlimmer kommen.....

Christopher Wilson ist Wissenschaftler und arbeitet in der Chemieforschung für Tigra Corpa. Nach einem Söldnerüberfall auf das Gebäude steckt er in seinem Büro fest und muss die Sache selbst in die Hand nehmen, da alle Kollegen als Geiseln genommen wurden... Zur falschen Zeit am falschen Ort ist Christopher nun allen Widerständen zum Trotz gezwungen, sich gegen die Eindringlinge zu stellen
und das Leben seiner Freundin und seiner Kollegen zu schützen.
title (ES)Skyscraper
synopsis (ES)Miércoles a la noche en el Grupo Tigra. El investigador bioquímico Chris Wilson sale del ascensor que se ha detenido en el piso 20 y se encuentra con un oficial de seguridad muerto y un ataque terrorista en pleno proceso. ¡Deberá convertirse en un héroe para salvar a su novia y a sus colegas!
title (ZHTW)摩天大樓(歐)
synopsis (ZHTW)一個虎膽威龍的故事,一個簡單的男人在一個錯誤的地點和錯誤的時間遇上了一個摩天大樓的恐怖分子,槍戰不可避免。
title (ZHCN)摩天大楼(欧)
developer Atomic Planet Ent.
publisher Midas Interactive Entertainment
release date 2009-8-4
genre action
rating 16

content violence, language

players 1
req. accessories wiimote, nunchuk
online players 0


Skyscraper Wii cover (R3KP6N)

Skyscraper Wii cover (R3KP6N)

Skyscraper Wii disc (R3KP6N)


Skyscraper Wii cover (R3KP6N)

Skyscraper Wii cover (R3KP6N)