R2DJEP - Dokapon Kingdom For Wii

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region NTSC-J
type Wii
languages JA
title (EN)Dokapon Kingdom For Wii
synopsis (EN)The Kingdom of Dokapon is a land of wealth and riches ruled by a gold-loving King and his daughter Princess Penny. One day, monsters begin appearing all over the realm, assaulting the towns and stealing all of the empire's wealth. The King, unable to collect taxes from his impoverished citizens, calls for heroes from across the land to come and rid his monarchy of these monsters. The prize for the hero who is able to free the land: The hand of Princess Penny and rule of the Kingdom itself! Warning : relationship counseling not included!
title (ES)Dokapon Kingdom For Wii
synopsis (ES)El Reino de Dokapon era una tierra de abundancia y riqueza, pero un día unos extraños monstruos aparecieron por todos lados y se roban el tesoro del reino. El Rey, desesperado, decide convocar a héroes de todas las tierras con la promesa de entregar la mano de su hija a quien recupere su riqueza.
title (JA)ドカポンキングダム for Wii
synopsis (JA)RPGとボードゲームがひとつになった!



title (ZHTW)多卡波王國for Wii(日)
synopsis (ZHTW)《多卡波 KINGDOM for Wii》是 2007 年 11 月於 PS2 發售的《多卡波 KINGDOM》的移植版。Wii 移植版除了可使用 Wii 遙控器來遊玩外,也能使用雙截棍或 NGC 控制器。另外 Wii 移植版還追加了新要素「假髮系統」,可以讓角色換成禿頭、龐克頭或是飛機頭等,讓玩家充分發揮自己的創意,打扮自己心愛的角色。
title (ZHCN)多卡波王国(日)
developer Sting
publisher Sting
release date 2008-7-31
genre role-playing, party
rating A

players 4
req. accessories wiimote
accessories classic controller, gamecube pad
online players 0


ドカポンキングダム for Wii Wii cover (R2DJEP)

ドカポンキングダム for Wii Wii cover (R2DJEP)

ドカポンキングダム for Wii Wii cover (R2DJEP)
ドカポンキングダム for Wii Wii disc (R2DJEP)
ドカポンキングダム for Wii Wii disc (R2DJEP)