PC2P - Chase H.Q.

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region PAL
type VC-PCE
languages EN
title (EN)Chase H.Q.
synopsis (EN)New York City crime is as diverse as its inhabitants. In order to pursue and apprehend criminals on the run, a certain precinct of the New York City Police Department based in Manhattan has formed a special unit to hunt them down: "CHASE H.Q."
You are "CHASE H.Q." ace-detective Tony Gibson. Together with your partner, Raymond Brody, you hunt down these criminals in your Chase 928S4. It's up to you to ram the criminals off the road before time runs out and bring them to justice.
There are a total of 5 regular missions, but fulfilling certain requirements will allow you to play an additional hidden mission.

Before the start of a mission, Nancy will contact you to fill you in on the target vehicle.
You begin each mission stopped on the side of the road. Your first task is to catch up to the target vehicle within the time limit.
The distance meter in the top-right corner of the screen shows your distance from the target vehicle. The better you drive, the smaller the meter becomes.
When you come across a fork in the road, the direction with the arrow is the shorter route to your goal. Choosing the opposite route will take longer and make it harder to catch up to your target.
Arrows may not be displayed depending on the mission.

When you catch up to the target vehicle your time remaining will be increased. Ram the target vehicle repeatedly within the time limit to make it stop.
As you ram the target vehicle, its damage meter will increase. Eventually smoke or flames will start to come out of it.
You clear the mission when the damage meter is full and the target vehicle stops.
title (FR)Taito Chase H.Q.
synopsis (FR)Incarnez un agent secret qui arpente les routes pour retrouver des fugitifs.

Le profil du suspect est défini en amont de chaque mission et la tâche qui vous incombe est de le dénicher parmi la circulation.

Pour l'appréhender, percutez son véhicule de manière à lui faire perdre le contrôle, tout en respectant le temps imparti.
developer Taito
publisher Taito
release date 2008-9-5
genre action, racing
rating 7

content violence

players 1
req. accessories wiimote
accessories classic controller, gamecube pad
online players 0
version (1)


Chase H.Q. VC-PCE cover (PC2P)

Chase H.Q. VC-PCE cover (PC2P)


Taito Chase H.Q. pochette VC-PCE (PC2P)

Taito Chase H.Q. pochette VC-PCE (PC2P)