PBIJ - PC Genjin 3

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region NTSC-J
type VC-PCE
languages JA
title (EN)PC Genjin 3
synopsis (EN)In the Dinosaur Kingdom, the moon, which had been previously restored, has been
trapped at the bottom of the sea by a statue of the Evil King Drool.
Bonk, feeling that King Drool is up to something again, sets out to thwart his plans.
This time, the Dinosaur Kingdom is made up of 7 ROUNDS, each filled with
never-before-seen enemies and traps.
Use "Springy Flowers" and other items to power-up Bonk on your way to each Goal.
Defeat the boss waiting at the end of each ROUND to clear it.
After clearing a ROUND, exchange 16 "Smileys" to play one of 8 different BONUS STAGES.
Select "EXIT" to leave the BONUS STAGE and proceed to the next ROUND.
You can still play a BONUS STAGE even if you grab the "Flower Copter" in the middle of a ROUND.
You will not need to use any "Smileys" but you can only play once.
Even if you run out of "Health", you can revive Bonk by pressing as long as you have "Lives" remaining.
An extra Life is awarded at 100,000 points and then at 300,000. Thereafter, an extra Life is awarded for every 400,000 points you accumulate.
Pick up "Score Items" to increase your score as you head for the Goal.

During two-player games, both players share "Health" and "Lives".
So if one of the players dies, the other player does as well.
f one player's Bonk is too far away from the other player's Bonk, the screen may not
scroll and Bonk may disappear from the screen.
You cannot enter a "Jet Roller Pipe" unless both players enter from the same entrance.
If your Bonk disappears from the screen, continue playing by pressing (-) to warp near the other Bonk.
developer Red Company
publisher Hudson Soft
release date 2014
genre action, platformer

players 2
req. accessories
online players 0