GTEJ01 - 1080° Silver Storm

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region NTSC-J
type GameCube
languages JA
title (EN)1080° Silver Storm
synopsis (EN)Nintendo takes players back to the slopes with 1080 Avalanche, the sequel to the popular N64 title 1080 Snowboarding. Detailed character models, interactive environments and overhauled snowboarding physics take advantage of the processing power of the GameCube. The game features more than a dozen snow-filled mountain tracks, complete with varied snow conditions and interactive environments that throw new challenges at players, including dangerous avalanches, collapsing bridges, cave-ins, and more. Race against computer opponents, against course times, in four player mode, or just to earn trick points. Master a new set of tricks involving flips, twists, grabs and grinds.
title (JA)テン・エイティ シルバーストーム
developer NST
publisher Nintendo
release date 2004-1-22
genre sports, snowboarding

players 4
req. accessories gamecube pad
online players 4
online features online connectivity


テン・エイティ シルバーストーム GameCube cover (GTEJ01)

テン・エイティ シルバーストーム GameCube cover (GTEJ01)