GSEJB2 - Shaman King: Soul Fight

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region NTSC-J
type GameCube
languages JA
title (EN)Shaman King: Soul Fight
synopsis (EN)A strategy/RPG game for the Gamecube that follows the story of the anime/manga series. Gameplay runs through an Adventure mode RPG with a number of minigames (where your Shaman battles others with the powers he's collected), plus Shaman Fight mode, Shaman King training mode, and Survival and Tutorial extra modes.

The game features colorful cel-shaded graphics and strategy/fighting style gameplay. During a battle, either a rock, paper, or scissors based attack can be chosen to fight with, and the final outcome in the attack sequence is determined based on the type of attacks chosen. During the fights, energy crystals will be saved up for each successful attack. These activate cinematic special attacks unique to the character, depending on the number of crystals gained.(Max.3) Full voice acting is also featured during Story Mode, directly from the Japanese version anime. Story Mode is played out asYoh Asakura through the anime's story line. Shaman Fight Mode is a free-play fight option, Shaman King Mode is a survival mode option where you choose three characters out of eight to fight through 4 random battles, and level them up for play in one of the Shaman Fight modes. The 4th battle is always Hao Asakura in this mode.
title (JA)シャーマンキング ソウルファイト
developer Tuning Electronic
publisher Bandai
release date 2003-3-28
genre fighting
rating B

players 2
req. accessories gamecube pad
online players 0


シャーマンキング ソウルファイト GameCube cover (GSEJB2)

シャーマンキング ソウルファイト GameCube cover (GSEJB2)