GP2P69 - Pac-Man World 2

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region PAL
type GameCube
languages EN
title (EN)Pac-Man World 2
synopsis (EN)Pac-Man is on a brand new adventure and once again dealing with the pesky Ghost Gang. In Pac-Man World 2, the Ghost Gang has picked the magical fruit from an ancient tree, thereby releasing wicked evils upon Pac-Land. You must guide Pac-Man through six new lands with plenty of amusing surprises. New and improved, this Pac-Man can ice skate, rollerblade, submarine dive, and solve many exciting puzzles. With all-new moves and a zany cast of characters, your Pac-Man heroics will be pushed to its limits.
developer Namco
publisher Electronic Arts
release date 2003-3-21
genre puzzle
rating 3

players 1
req. accessories gamecube pad
online players 0


Pac-Man World 2 GameCube cover (GP2P69)

Pac-Man World 2 GameCube cover (GP2P69)

Pac-Man World 2 GameCube disc (GP2P69)