GOOE01 - Odama

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region NTSC-U
type GameCube
languages EN
title (EN)Odama
synopsis (EN)The legendary general Yamanouchi Kagetora, intent on avenging his father's death, has devised the most ingenious weapon ever to hit the medieval battlefield: the Odama, a gigantic ball powerful enough to destroy whatever it strikes – friend or foe. Players use the Nintendo GameCube Mic to direct soldiers out of the Odama's way and into the fray, and prove that they have the skills to back up the power of the Odama. Using giant flippers, players aim the giant Odama ball to bowl over enemies, shatter their defenses and wreak havoc on the battlefield. But the controller is not the only input device in Odama. With the Nintendo GameCube Mic, players command men to charge the enemy, defend positions, seize the enemy gates and much more.
developer Vivarium
publisher Nintendo
release date 2006-4-10
genre pinball
rating E10+

content violence

players 1
req. accessories gamecube pad
accessories microphone
online players 0


Odama GameCube cover (GOOE01)

Odama GameCube cover (GOOE01)

Odama GameCube disc (GOOE01)