GLMJ01 - Luigi's Mansion

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region NTSC-J
type GameCube
languages JA
title (EN)Luigi's Mansion
synopsis (EN)Luigi steps out from the shadow of his brother Mario and into the gloomy shadows of a very haunted house in this, his first-ever starring role. When Luigi learns that he's the proud new owner of a creepy old mansion, he's thrilled. Of course, his feelings immediately shift when his brother, the storied Mario, disappears from the house. Now, you'll have to help Luigi track his brother down, making your way through expansive 3D levels. Each stage is packed with ghosts and ghouls to put you on edge; and you'll be armed with a flashlight and a vacuum cleaner to help you capture your foes. Armed with a flashlight and a customized vacuum cleaner, Luigi must rid the mansion of Boos and ghouls -- and find his missing brother to boot!

* Solve puzzling riddles and capture troublesome ghosts to put an end to Luigi's pestering poltergeist.
* Brilliant special effects include transparent ghosts, mirror reflections, spooky shadows and many more creepy visuals.
* Outwit resident ghosts like a young woman primping in front of a mirror, a bawling baby, a couple waltzing in the mansion's ballroom, a beefy bodybuilder and lots more.
* Use a "Game Boy Horror" to access a 3-D map of the entire mansion and a first-person view from Luigi's perspective.
* Awaiting within Luigi's Mansion is a breathtaking (and heart-stopping!) adventure unlike anything you've ever seen on a console. From the brick-walled basement to the gloomy grounds, Luigi's Mansion is packed with chills, thrills and unending surprises.
title (JA)ルイージマンション
developer Nintendo EAD
publisher Nintendo
release date 2001-9-14
genre action, adventure
rating A

players 1
req. accessories gamecube pad
online players 0


ルイージマンション GameCube cover (GLMJ01)

ルイージマンション GameCube cover (GLMJ01)

ルイージマンション GameCube disc (GLMJ01)