GFUE4Z - Future Tactics: The Uprising

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region NTSC-U
type GameCube
languages EN
title (EN)Future Tactics: The Uprising
synopsis (EN)The reality you know is under threat.

The reality you know has been infected with a retroactive virus capable of rewriting history in its own image. The reality you know must end in order to save it.

At an indeterminable point in mankind's future, ordered society has reverted to a feudal state, scattered groups of survivors huddling together in small villages and nomadic enclaves. Mankind is running scared of the greatest to it's existence since reality first sputtered into existence.

Decades ago, the face of the planet changed, entire cities disappeared overnight, whole countries vanished. Left in their place were creatures, hideous shambling monstrosities, technologically advance, and yet intellectually retarded. And as mankind would soon discover, this was an enemy that could not be stopped and killed. Strike one down, and it would be reborn without so much as a scratch.

In the dark years ahead, when our enemies are but warped reflections of ourselves, and where our allies may be more than they seem, a boy, his sister, and a rag-tag assembly of unlikely warriors are the planets last hope. But as they soon discover, immortality comes at a price. Twisting perceptions, time and emotions.

Future Tactics is a tale of love, loss, hope...and some mean green ugly muthas.

* Nine beautifully crafted characters, each with unique weapons and attributes
* Nineteen levels, each with varied landscapes and challenges from rural idylls to deserted cities complete with seasons
* High explosive action combined with turn based strategy allows the player to choose the pace of progress
* Advanced AI enemies that respond intelligently to your every move
* Unlimited replay opportunities as the combination of a unique enemy AI and deformable landscapes means that no two games are ever the same
* Compelling plot driven missions written by TV script writer Paul Rose (of East enders fame) complete with rich FMV story driven objectives at the beginning of each mission
* Fully destructible landscapes, buildings and scenery.
* Enjoy the story-driven campaign or challenge a friend for a thrilling duell!
title (ZHCN)Future Tactics: The Uprising
developer Zed Two Limited
publisher Crave Entertainment
release date 2004-5-10
genre action, strategy
rating T

content alcohol reference, fantasy violence, mild language

players 1
req. accessories gamecube pad
online players 0
version (1)


Future Tactics: The Uprising GameCube cover (GFUE4Z)

Future Tactics: The Uprising GameCube cover (GFUE4Z)