GFAJ13 - FIFA Soccer 2003

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region NTSC-J
type GameCube
languages JA
title (EN)FIFA Soccer 2003
synopsis (EN)All the speed, style and passion of the world's game come alive in FIFA Soccer 2003. With enhanced team play, improved ball control and deeper tactics, FIFA Soccer 2003 lets you take the pitch with your favorite players and teams from around the world.
Game features include all the best clubs, players and national teams; The Club Championship highlights the top 18 club teams with intense detail, including team-specific stadiums and chants; Total Ball Control allows players to use their feet and head to control the ball like never before; new Set Pieces: Use free kicks and corner kicks to set up a shot or even score directly; Game-changing AI: Computer opponents will adopt tactics based on the real game situations.
title (JA)FIFAヨーロッパサッカー2003
synopsis (JA)FIFA公認の「FIFAサッカー」シリーズの最新作『FIFA2003 ヨーロッパサッカー』。操作性や選手のモーション、AIの進化など新たに生まれ変わった『FIFA2003 ヨーロッパサッカー』でサッカーをトコトン楽しもう!


developer EA Canada
publisher Electronic Arts
release date 2002-12-6
genre sports, soccer

players 4
req. accessories gamecube pad
online players 0


FIFAヨーロッパサッカー2003 GameCube cover (GFAJ13)

FIFAヨーロッパサッカー2003 GameCube cover (GFAJ13)

FIFAヨーロッパサッカー2003 GameCube disc (GFAJ13)