G9RD7D - Crash Tag Team Racing

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region PAL
type GameCube
languages DE
title (EN)Crash Tag Team Racing
synopsis (EN)For the first time ever in a racing game, players will be able to fuse two cars together on the fly to form a super vehicle with the all-new "clashing" technology. In Crash Tag Team Racing, players can combine their car with an opponent's mid-race to make a super-car equipped with a powerful turret gun. When clashed, players can either get behind the wheel and drive or fire an onboard weapon. Each character has his or her own uniquely deadly 360˚ rotating turret. Players can continue the action out of the car where they can explore the entire world on foot and collect upgrades for their cars and unlock bonus tracks.
developer Radical Entertainment
publisher Sierra
release date 2005-11-4
genre racing
rating 7

content violence

players 4
req. accessories gamecube pad
online players 0
Crash Tag Team Racing GameCube cover (G9RD7D)

Crash Tag Team Racing GameCube cover (G9RD7D)