FAMJ - Wario no Mori

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region NTSC-J
type VC-NES
languages JA
title (EN)Wario no Mori
synopsis (EN)Wario's Woods™ is a puzzle game in which Toad piles up falling creatures and bombs in order to make them all disappear, collect gold coins and reach the next level. Setting up chain reactions is a very effective strategy to go far in this game.

Several supporting characters of the Mario series make a guest appearance. The NES version of Wario's Woods™ is mostly remembered for being the last NES game officially released in the West. Although less known than other puzzle games from Nintendo such as Dr. Mario and Tetris Attack, Wario's Woods™ can become quite addictive and is definitely worth a try for puzzle fans.
developer Nintendo
publisher Nintendo
release date 2014-1-1
genre puzzle

players 2
req. accessories
online players 0