ECIJ - The King of Fighters '99

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region NTSC-J
languages JA
title (EN)The King of Fighters '99
synopsis (EN)Metal Slug 4 is the fifth installment in the Metal Slug series. Choose from four different mercenaries and battle against the terrorist group "Amadeus". Skillfully jump and shoot your way through enemies while picking up items to replenish your weapons. Like in the previous games, you can ride vehicles and fight rigorously against enemies. Furthermore, Metal Slug 4 introduces the all-new Metallish System, an interesting bonus scoring system that puts a new spin on things. Additionally, there are new items and characters, creating a fresh new take on the Metal Slug universe.
publisher D4Enterprise Co., Ltd.
release date 2014
genre action, shooter

players 2
req. accessories
online players 0