EBWP - Sengoku

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region PAL
languages EN
title (EN)Sengoku
synopsis (EN) In this side scrolling action game set in Washington City, which was initially released in 1991, the player takes the role of a super warrior who must battle against ghosts from the past bent on taking over the present. The main feature of this title is the ability to change characters in mid-play. If you release an incarcerated character while fighting against the enemy, that character becomes available for you to use. The key to a successful strategy is adeptly switching among the ninja dog, samurai or ninja according to the situation. You can also pick up items like weapons and orbs that give you magical attacks. Not only is there adventure to be had in the regular world, but also in a parallel universe, where stages change at a hectic pace, with never a dull moment.
title (ES)Sengoku
synopsis (ES)En este juego de acción horizontal que tiene lugar en Washington, lanzado originalmente en 1991, el jugador toma el rol de un super luchador que debe pelear contra fantasmas del pasado traidos al presente. La característica principal de este título es la habilidad para cambiar caracteres en la mitad del juego. Si usted libera un caracter encarcelado mientras pelea contra un enemigo, ese caracter queda disponible para que lo utilice. La clave para una estrategia exitosa es cambiar entre el perro ninja, el samurai o el ninja acorde a la situación. Usted también puede tomar ítems como armas y orbes que le darán ataques mágicos. No solo hay aventura en este mundo regular, sino que tambiñen en un universo paralelo, donde las etapas cambian a un ritmo frenético, sin ningún momento de aburrimiento.
developer D4Enterprise Co., Ltd
publisher D4Enterprise Co., Ltd
release date 2013-7-25
genre action, adventure

players 2
req. accessories classic controller
accessories gamecube pad
online players 0