EAVJ - The King of Fighters '95

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region NTSC-J
languages JA
title (EN)The King of Fighters '95
synopsis (EN)King of Fighters ’95 is a fighting game released in 1995 that features the main characters from the popular Fatal Fury, Ikari Warriors, Psycho Soldier and Art of Fighting games who engage in battle once again after the 1994 release of King of Fighters ’94. Kyo Kusanagi’s rival Iori Yagami has also joined the fight to leave his lasting mark on the continuing storyline and on Kyo, the game’s hero, so watch out! Three on three team battles, a power gauge that lets you store up energy to land a devastating blow, and the one-shot reversal super special moves unique to the series are all going strong just like in the ’94 release. On top of all that, this release also adds a new “Team Edit” ability, allowing you to enjoy bouts with a level of strategy like you’ve never experienced before.
developer D4 Enterprise
publisher D4 Enterprise
release date 2014-1-1
genre fighting

players 2
req. accessories
online players 0