EA4J - Samurai Spirits Kibeniro Musouken

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region NTSC-J
languages JA
title (EN)Samurai Spirits Kibeniro Musouken
synopsis (EN)This is a fighting game released in 1995 as a sequel to the previous year's release of Samurai Shodown II. Though this is the third installment in the series, the story takes place between the first and second installments. Players can choose from 12 samurai seeking to defeat Zankuro Minazuki. Along with minor upgrades from the last version, such as the ability to press buttons to fill your rage gauge and the ability to defend in midair, you can also select from slash and bust personality types for each character. Each type has its own set of special moves you can take advantage of, effectively doubling the amount of characters you can play.
developer D4 Enterprise
publisher D4 Enterprise
release date 2014
genre fighting

players 2
req. accessories
online players 0