DMHJ08 - Monster Hunter Tri (Demo)

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region NTSC-J
type Wii
languages JA
title (EN)Monster Hunter Tri (Demo)
synopsis (EN)Monster Hunter Tri depicts an ecosystem where man co-exists with fantastic beasts that roam both the land and the sea. Featuring both online and offline cooperative modes, players can join online hunting parties with up to four players or play with two players on a single TV for select quests. Players also have the option to face Monster Hunter Tri's quests as a single player experience accompanied by Cha-Cha, an AI hunting partner whose tracking and trapping skills will prove invaluable in the hunt.

This is a trial version of a game still in development. Please be aware that there is a chance that minor bugs may be present. Thank you for your understanding and enjoy the game. Demo includes two Quests. Choose from 10 fully equipped Characters and start the hunt!
title (ES)Monster Hunter Tri (Demo)
synopsis (ES)Viaja a un extenso mundo donde humanos y monstruos coexisten y solo los más fuertes consiguen sobrevivir. En Monster Hunter Tri, te pondrás en la piel de un aspirante a cazador y completarás peligrosas misiones en tu lucha por la gloria y la mera supervivencia de tus vecinos. ¡Que comience la cacería!
title (JA)Monster Hunter Tri (Demo)
title (ZHTW)魔物獵人 3 試玩版[WiFi](日)
synopsis (ZHTW)《魔物獵人 3》是以奇幻世界怪獸狩獵為題材的動作遊戲《魔物獵人》系列家用平台最新作,針對 Wii 平台的特性加以強化,承襲系列作的基本內容,並加入新舞台、新怪物、水中狩獵玩法與怪物精力設定等眾多新要素。
title (ZHCN)怪物猎人3 试玩版[WiFi](日)
developer Capcom Production Studio 1
publisher Capcom
release date 2009-4-23
genre action, role-playing
rating C

content violence

players 1
req. accessories wiimote, nunchuk
accessories classic controller
online players 0


Monster Hunter Tri (Demo) Wii cover (DMHJ08)

Monster Hunter Tri (Demo) Wii cover (DMHJ08)

Monster Hunter Tri (Demo) Wii disc (DMHJ08)