DCTA - Christmas-Type Adventure Time

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type Homebrew
languages EN
title (EN)Christmas-Type Adventure Time
synopsis (EN)Christmas-Type Adventure Time is about a man made of sticks. Like everybody else of his kind, he likes to travel from the left side of a stage to the right side. Unfortunately, strange and not-so-dangerous beasts have illegally taken possession of the melody of Yule-tide. Go repossess that melody!

This game won the Wii category of the Drunken Coders Winter 2008 Compo competition.
developer mntorankusu
publisher mntorankusu
release date 2008-1-1
genre action, platformer

players 1
req. accessories
accessories wiimote, gamecube pad
online players 0


Christmas-Type Adventure Time Homebrew cover (DCTA)

Christmas-Type Adventure Time Homebrew cover (DCTA)