AUQ6A - Air Conflicts Pacific Carriers

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regions JPN
type Switch
languages EN, JA, KO, ZHCN
title (EN)Air Conflicts Pacific Carriers
synopsis (EN)New warplanes once revolutionized warfare — and the gripping aerial battles of the Second World War have now also found their way onto Nintendo Switch™. Step into the boots of Admiral Lucas Stark (US Navy) and coordinate the defense of Pearl Harbor and the liberation of the Pacific Ocean — or win honor and glory for the Japanese empire as Admiral Hideaki Hashimoto (Imperial Japanese Army).

In the arcade flight simulation Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers, you will relive the Pacific War in historical battles and original planes that are accurate down to the last detail. Experience the vast scale of a conflict that shaped the history of warfare on the open seas and in the skies.
developer Games Farm s.r.o.
publisher KalypsoMediaGroup
release World
release Japan 2019-3-26
genre action, simulation, arcade

CERO content violence

players 1
req. accessories
accessories joy-con, pro controller
modes TV, handheld, tabletop
online players 0


Air Conflicts Pacific Carriers Switch cover (AUQ6A)

Air Conflicts Pacific Carriers Switch cover (AUQ6A)