AQDRA - Yoshiwara Higanbana Kuon no Chigiri

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regions JPN
type Switch
languages JA
title (EN)Yoshiwara Higanbana Kuon no Chigiri
synopsis (EN)It is the Edo era.

Lust and desire swirl within the "other side" of the luxurious and gorgeous Shin-Yoshiwara. At the long-standing brothel called "Oukaya", the protagonist Chihaya works as its top-ranking oiran (courtesan). In order to go back to her motherland, she entertains male strangers day and night.

Her unchanging everyday life...
Yoshiwara might be a small world, but to Chihaya, it's a treasured place in which she can prove herself. The brothel's owner, Shigure. Her servant, Yuzu. The strong-willed fellow harlots that work alongside her. Surrounded by irreplaceable people, though her line of work is called "the world of suffering", Chihaya is proud of being a courtesan...

...Until she learned what true love is.

This is the story of upheaval in which an oiran gets swallowed by a fate she cannot fight against.
publisher PROTOTYPE
release World
release Japan 2018-12-20
genre action

CERO rating D

players 1
req. accessories
accessories joy-con, pro controller
modes TV, handheld, tabletop
online players 0
version (1)


Yoshiwara Higanbana Kuon no Chigiri Switch cover (AQDRA)

Yoshiwara Higanbana Kuon no Chigiri Switch cover (AQDRA)