APXTA - NORN9 LOFN for Nintendo Switch

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regions JPN
type Switch
languages JA
title (EN)NORN9 LOFN for Nintendo Switch
synopsis (EN)Norn + Nonetto Var Commons" and "Norn + Nonetto Last Ira" appear in one!
One song takes a boy from another space. When I realized, the boy was standing in a strange place. Nostalgic. But something is different-. Japan has overcome the closed era. Democratic politics and free culture bring people and colors the country. Such a time ... would it have been done? A strange feeling of strangeness mixed with nostalgia and discord. Three girls and nine young people whom a boy met in a time slipped world. The boy goes on an air trip with them. Why do they travel? Where is the destination? And what on earth is this world? The ship goes on with many mysteries. Toward the end of the story. The future of the spider spinning begins now.
publisher Idea Factory
release World
release Japan 2018-9-27
genre adventure

CERO rating C

players 1
req. accessories
accessories joy-con, pro controller
modes TV, handheld, tabletop
online players 0
version (1)


NORN9 LOFN for Nintendo Switch Switch cover (APXTA)

NORN9 LOFN for Nintendo Switch Switch cover (APXTA)