NPEB01380 - Thunder Wolves

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ID NPEB01380
type SEN
title (EN)Thunder Wolves
synopsis (EN)This game is about helicopters shooting things. Seriously. In a world where games are so intricately nuanced, backed up by a convoluted storyline and Oscar-worthy performances; Thunder Wolves can be accurately described in that one sentence.

Let’s begin with the good stuff: excuse the pun, but Thunder Wolves is an absolute blast. There’s seldom anything more enjoyable than blowing stuff up in games, and that’s what this game encourages. Your machine gun never needs cooling down, so you can hold the trigger down for the entire game if you want. There’s also a variety of missiles available, which only require a small amount of time to recharge, so you can be very liberal with your use of explosives.
developer Most Wanted Entertainment
publisher bitComposer Games
release date 2013-8-13
genre action

players 1
req. accessories pad
online players 0
save blocks 0