PS3 Games List

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ID Title
BCES00459 Buzz! Quem é o Génio Português? (PAL)
BCES00463 The Shoot (PAL)
BCES00483 EyePet (PAL)
BCES00484 MotorStorm Apocalypse (PAL)
BCES00494 SingStar: Queen (PAL)
BCES00509 Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (PAL)
BCES00510 God of War III (PAL)
BCES00511 Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time (PAL)
BCES00516 God of War III (PAL)
BCES00518 SingStar Morangos Com Açúcar (PAL)
BCES00519 SingStar: Mallorca Party (PAL)
BCES00520 SingStar Studio 100 (PAL)
BCES00531 SingStar Polskie Hity (PAL)
BCES00548 Pain (PAL)
BCES00569 Gran Turismo 5 (PAL)
BCES00583 SingStar Mecano (PAL)
BCES00591 inFamous (PAL)
BCES00594 Agarest: Generations of War (PAL)
BCES00596 SingStar Motown (PAL)
BCES00598 TV Superstars (PAL)
BCES00607 SingStar: Take That (PAL)
BCES00609 inFamous (PAL)
BCES00611 LittleBigPlanet (Game of the Year Edition) (PAL)
BCES00614 SingStar: Made in Germany (PAL)
BCES00617 SingStar Starter Pack (PAL)
BCES00621 SingStar Starter Pack (PAL)
BCES00622 SingStar (PAL)
BCES00624 SingStar Starter Pack (PAL)
BCES00625 SingStar Starter Pack (PAL)
BCES00634 SingStar The Wiggles (PAL)
BCES00640 SingStar: Chartbreaker (PAL)
BCES00642 Ghostbusters: The Videogame & The Blu-Ray Movie (PAL)
BCES00644 Buzz!: Quiz World (PAL)
BCES00645 Buzz! Quiz World (PAL)
BCES00646 Buzz! Quiz World (PAL)
BCES00647 Buzz! Quiz World (PAL)
BCES00664 Wipeout HD Fury (PAL)
BCES00701 ModNation Racers (PAL)
BCES00722 SingStar Vasco (PAL)
BCES00726 Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time (PAL)
BCES00727 Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (PAL)
BCES00737 Heavy Rain (PAL)
BCES00747 Start the Party (PAL)
BCES00748 Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time (PAL)
BCES00757 Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (PAL)
BCES00764 ModNation Racers (PAL)
BCES00773 Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (PAL)
BCES00791 God of War Collection (PAL)
BCES00795 Sports Champions (PAL)
BCES00797 Heavy Rain (PAL)
BCES00799 God of War III (PAL)
BCES00800 God of War Collection (PAL)
BCES00802 Heavy Rain (Move Edition) (PAL)
BCES00816 Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition (PAL)
BCES00819 Sorcery (PAL)
BCES00828 Buzz! The Ultimate Music Quiz (PAL)
BCES00829 Buzz! The Ultimate Music Quiz (PAL)
BCES00830 Buzz! The Ultimate Music Quiz (PAL)
BCES00831 Buzz! The Ultimate Music Quiz (PAL)
BCES00835 SingStar Guitar (PAL)
BCES00846 SingStar Chart Hits (PAL)
BCES00847 SingStar SuomiHitit (PAL)
BCES00850 LittleBigPlanet 2 (PAL)
BCES00852 SingStar Kent (PAL)
BCES00856 SingStar Polskie Hity 2 (PAL)
BCES00864 EyePet Move Edition (PAL)
BCES00865 EyePet & Friends (PAL)
BCES00869 SingStar: Fussball Hits (PAL)
BCES00871 SingStar Portugal Hits (PAL)
BCES00873 SingStar Patito Feo (PAL)
BCES00874 The Fight (PAL)
BCES00894 SingStar Dance (PAL)
BCES00907 StarHawk (PAL)
BCES00908 Kung Fu Rider (PAL)
BCES00935 Puppeteer (PAL)
BCES00938 SOCOM: Special Forces (PAL)
BCES00939 SOCOM: Special Forces (PAL)
BCES00956 PlayStation Move Heroes (PAL)
BCES00968 The Sly Trilogy (PAL)
BCES00969 Start the Party (PAL)
BCES00970 Start The Party (PAL)
BCES00979 SingStar Guitar (PAL)
BCES00980 SingStar Guitar (PAL)
BCES00981 SingStar Guitar (PAL)
BCES00982 The Sly Trilogy (PAL)
BCES01007 Killzone 3 (PAL)
BCES01010 Twisted Metal (PAL)
BCES01012 Sports Champions (PAL)
BCES01023 SingStar Cantautori Italiani (PAL)
BCES01024 SingStar: Après-Ski Party 2 (PAL)
BCES01029 Kung Fu Rider (PAL)
BCES01048 DC Universe Online (PAL)
BCES01049 SingStar Dance (PAL)
BCES01070 Time Crisis: Razing Storm (PAL)
BCES01072 The Fight (PAL)
BCES01077 TV Superstars (PAL)
BCES01083 SingStar Afrikaanse Treffers (PAL)
BCES01085 White Knight Chronicles II (PAL)