BLUS31197 - Drakengard 3

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ID BLUS31197
region NTSC-U
type PS3
languages EN
title (EN)Drakengard 3
synopsis (EN)Drag On Dragoon 3 aka Drakengard 3 is a cult classic series from Square-Enix with a history going back to the PlayStation 2 - and it is finally coming out in the US! Widely known for a severely warped story with multiple endings, the third installment of this series should follow the same path. Expect epic land battles against countless magnificent foes or take to the skies in exciting dragon-mounted combat.

The title is a prequel to the original game in the series and focuses on Zero, a mysterious woman who partners with a dragon to kill her five sisters, the rulers of the world's regions. Learn the true reasons of her rampage as the tale unfolds.
synopsis (FR)Drakengard 3 est un jeu de rôle / RPG sur PS3. On y incarne Zéro, une Invoqueuse qui a pour but de tuer ses cinq soeurs. Elle peut se battre avec différentes armes et invoquer un dragon pour se défaire de ses ennemis. Il est possible d'améliorer les armes en ramassant les objets adéquats.
developer Access Games
publisher Square Enix
release date 2014
genre action, role-playing

players 1
req. accessories pad
online players 0
save blocks 0


Drakengard 3 PS3 cover (BLUS31197)