BLUS30919 - Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2

BLUS30919 - Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2

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ID BLUS30919
region NTSC-U
type PS3
languages EN
title (EN)Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2
synopsis (EN)Takes the bulls-eye precision of its best-selling predecessor to new and exciting heights. Powered by CryEngine 3 technology, the missions of Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 are graphically stunning and more challenging as you once again step into the ghillie suit of a special ops sniper to take down the enemy.
developer City Interactive
publisher City Interactive
release date 2013-3-12
genre action, first-person shooter
rating M

content blood, strong language, sexual themes, drug reference

players 1
req. accessories pad
online players 0
save blocks 0


Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 PS3 cover (BLUS30919)