BCUS99205 - Best of PlayStation Network: Vol. 1

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ID BCUS99205
region NTSC-U
type PS3
languages EN
title (EN)Best of PlayStation Network: Vol. 1
synopsis (EN)Experience some of the PlayStation Network's stand-out hits in this amazing collection of titles for your PS3 system.
- When Vikings Attack - Unite the townsfolk and fight back against the invasion.
- Sound Shapes - Play, Compose and Share in a unique take on the classic side-scrolling platformer where your actions make the music.
- Tokyo Jungle - Unleash your inner beast to hunt your way to the top of Tokyo's post-apocalyptic food chain.
- Fat Princess - Rescue your beloved princess through teamwork in this comic medieval battle royale.
release date 2013-1-1

players 1
req. accessories pad
online players 0
save blocks 0


Best of PlayStation Network: Vol. 1 PS3 cover (BCUS99205)