BCJS30073 - ICO / Wander to Kyozou (Limited Box)

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ID BCJS30073
region NTSC-J
type PS3
languages JA
title (EN)ICO / Wander to Kyozou (Limited Box)
synopsis (EN)Two Award Winning Classics Return!
Two of PlayStation® 2’s highly acclaimed action adventure games return and remastered in high definition for the PlayStation ® 3. Team ICO brings you the ICO and Shadow of Colossus Collection
Enter a world of enchantment and wonder, where once was, is nevermore. ICO, a mysterious boy, has been expelled from his village to an isolated castle. Within his confines, he begins to have eerie dreams of rescuing a young princess from the evil spirits that dwell within the fortress. Blurring the lines between fantasy and reality, ICO embarks on a quest to save the princess and along the way, discovers his own cryptic fate.
Shadow of the Colossus
Shadow of the Colossus is a majestic journey through ancient lands to seek out and destroy gigantic mythical beasts. With your trusty horse at your side, explore the spacious lands and unearth each Colossi. Armed with your wits, a sword and a bow, use cunning and strategy to topple each behemoth.

Game Feature:
- Embark on a heroic quest with ICO, encountering mysterious obstacles and enchanted wonders within a forgotten world.
- Explore more than 30 immersive levels within large, vibrant worlds.
- Solve a variety of mind-bending puzzles and overcome the evil that resides within the castle.
- Deep, involving storyline that will captivate you for hours.
Shadow of the Colossus:
- An artistic masterpiece developed by the critically acclaimed game developers of ICO.
- Innovative gameplay combines the puzzle and action/adventure genres.
- Journey across picturesque landscapes and unearth the ferocious beauty of the 16 Colossi.
- Combat each Colossi with great skill and resourcefulness of a magical sword and sturdy bow and arrow.
- Overcome a variety of terrain challenges placing great emphasis on pure exploration.
- Travel on horseback across miles of ancient land.
title (JA)ICO / ワンダと巨像
developer Bluepoint Games
publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
release date 2011-9-22
genre action, adventure, compilation
rating B

content violence

players 1
req. accessories pad
online players 0
save blocks 0


ICO / ワンダと巨像 PS3 cover (BCJS30073)