BCAS20144 - Beat Sketch!

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ID BCAS20144
region NTSC-A
type PS3
languages EN, ZHTW
title (EN)Beat Sketch!
synopsis (EN)Each stroke and move you produce creates a sound.While doodling as you like, build up the sound tocompose a tune!
・Upload your works as still images or movies to the network to share with theworld!
・A game mode featuring an unique game experience of a rhythm action game x doodling!
・Enjoy playing with your family and friends in a variety of co-op or match modes.
・Plenty of features are available to support users who are not confident with drawing.

"Beat Sketch!™", a creativeentertainment with PlayStataion®Move, fuel the spark of your imagination for people of all ages.
title (ZHTW)驚奇塗鴉!
developer SCEA San Diego Studios
publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
release date 2010-11-16
genre drawing

players 1
req. accessories playstation move, playstation eye
online players 0
save blocks 0


驚奇塗鴉! PS3 cover (BCAS20144)