BCAS20087 - Toro! Let's Party!

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ID BCAS20087
region NTSC-A
type PS3
languages EN, JA, ZHTW
title (EN)Toro! Let's Party!
synopsis (EN)Toro and its friends are meeting fans in Asia!
TORO! LET’S PARTY! Only available on PlayStation®3

The year of 2009 does not only mark the 10th anniversary of “DOKO DEMO ISSYO”, it’s also a year for the series to make its debut in Asia! Join the hilarious celebration of the series’ 10th anniversary with its first multiplayer party game! Have fun with your family and friends with games that make use of the motion sensor feature or those that will tickle your brain a bit. In the Game Mode that is loaded with more than 30 mini games for up to 4 players, turn into a chicken, a punk star, a baseball player and so on with Toro and Kuro, and run, fly, dance or think (?) as hard as you can! In the Story Mode, the story continues after the ending of the very first title of “DOKO DEMO ISSYO”. Find out what will happen in Toro’s journey in which Toro looks for a way to become human, how Toro first meets its friends and how they work together to help up troubled people!
title (ZHTW)多樂貓歡樂喵派對
developer Sony
publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
release date 2009-8-13
genre party

players 4
req. accessories pad
online players 0
online features download
save blocks 0


多樂貓歡樂喵派對 PS3 cover (BCAS20087)