BCAS20073 - The Last Guy

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ID BCAS20073
region NTSC-A
type PS3
languages EN, ZHTW
title (EN)The Last Guy
synopsis (EN)The popular downloadable title for PS3™
Blu-ray disc version is finally out with 3 extra stages included!

Are you ready to play hide-and-seek with hundreds of people?

Using ultra-high resolution satellite graphics, The Last Guy turns player into the only guy to rescue the last survivors on earth by leading them to safety through zombie-infested streets. The game features different types of zombies and bosses to avoid and outwit as the player races around the city rescuing survivors. As soon as the Last Guy comes into contact with zombies, the game is over. Bringing players through the streets of Asakusa, Los Angeles, London and other world-renowned cities, The Last Guy is a frantic, addictive game for players of all ages. Global ranking is also supported for players to climb the rank and compete with others.
developer JapanStudio
publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
release date 2009-5-28
genre action, adventure

players 1
req. accessories pad
online players 0
save blocks 0


The Last Guy PS3 cover (BCAS20073)