BCAS20018 - Railfan Taiwan High Speed Rail

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ID BCAS20018
region NTSC-A
type PS3
languages JA
title (EN)Railfan Taiwan High Speed Rail
synopsis (EN)Pilot Taiwan High Speed Rail and take in the sights of the ‘beautiful island’ This production is a simulation game based on Taiwan High Speed Rail, and is also the first exclusive PS3TM game with Taiwan as the setting in PlayStation® game history. In the game, the actual scenery of the 720km route from Taipei to Kaoshiung and vice versa is recorded in Full HDTV 1080p picture quality. With the help of Blu-ray Disc medium, realistic and detailed screens are possible, allowing the player to feel the soothing exhilaration of High Speed Rail personally.
●Complete scenery of station surroundings, food guide and 3D model of Taiwan High Speed Rail After the train reaches the station, you can disembark and tour the tourist attractions in the vicinity as well as get information about local food in the food guide. Other than that, you can also view the 3D model of Taiwan High Speed Rail’s 700T from different angles and also view complete introductions to in-car facilities, which will satisfy rail fans completely.
●Take on varied competitive modes Besides the standard driving mode, there are also three other game modes - time attack, stopping accuracy and electricity conservation, to test your piloting skills. In addition, you can choose not to display the driving aids but conduct the driving of the train in a most realistic fashion.
developer Sony
publisher Taito
release date 2007-7-12
genre simulation

players 1
req. accessories pad
online players 0
save blocks 0


Railfan Taiwan High Speed Rail PS3 cover (BCAS20018)