AKHE - Kingdom Hearts 3D - Dream Drop Distance

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region NTSC-U
type 3DS
languages EN
title (EN)Kingdom Hearts 3D - Dream Drop Distance
synopsis (EN)The dream team of Square Enix and Disney are back with the next epic collaboration in their much-loved action-RPG saga, all in three spectacular dimensions.

Kingdom Hearts 3D on Nintendo 3DS features a story full of surprises, stunning new worlds to explore, a host of your favourite Disney friends, and engrossing gameplay elements never seen before in the series. You'll encounter a cast of beloved characters, from Mickey, Goofy and Donald, to Pinocchio in his Prankster's Paradise, and Claude, the high-swinging Hunchback of Notre Dame. Whether you're a long-term fan, or a complete newcomer to the Kingdom Hearts world, you're guaranteed an adventure beyond your wildest dreams.

You'll join the two heroes, Sora and Riku, as they prepare to be put through their paces by King Mickey and the sorcerer, Yen Sid. A terrifying threat to the world looms on the horizon, and our heroes must take the Mark of Mastery exam to prove they have what it takes to face the challenges that lie ahead. This will entail heading into the dreamy domains known as the Sleeping Worlds, coming face to face with the Dream Eaters, and fighting to wake these realms from their slumber.

The gameplay is a thrilling combination of RPG depth and real-time sword-swinging action. Accessing the Command Deck allows you to effortlessly set which special actions (like spells, items or special attacks) you'll use during combat, meaning you can customise your abilities to suit your particular style of play.

On top of the deep combat system, as you explore the 3D world you can make use of 'Flowmotion' - which makes combat even more exhilarating than ever before! Using Flowmotion you can unleash devastating combos with your mighty Keyblade, bound off walls to deliver high-octane strikes, or spin round bulky foes so fast they'll be left seeing stars. While your in-game view is controlled using the L and R Buttons, this title is also compatible with Circle Pad Pro - perfect for those who prefer to control their view using a Circle Pad!

Your control of Sora and Riku rotates throughout the game, thanks to the new 'Drop' system, giving you double the action. On-screen you'll see the Drop gauge, which will gradually empty; once the gauge is empty, you'll automatically switch between Sora and Riku. If you want to keep control of your current character you can battle enemies to fill the gauge back up again - on the other hand, it's also possible to switch characters yourself at any save point throughout the game!

This time around, there's no need for vehicles to get you to your next destination - instead you'll make use of a new minigame! During this, your character will float towards the next world's gate, which will only open if you collect a certain amount of stars. If you want to make it through the gate, you'll need to deftly avoid obstacles and defeat enemies to get enough stars!

KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [Dream Drop Distance] takes full advantage of the Nintendo 3DS system, so you can expect stunning graphics and exciting new capabilities - including Augmented Reality functionality! This title sees the addition of benign Dream Eaters known as Spirits. You can recruit them, pet them using the Touch Screen, and also play with them in the real world using the outer cameras of the Nintendo 3DS system and the included AR Cards. By building a strong bond between you, the Spirits will be able to lend you a hand during battles, teaming up with you for all sorts of special moves.

In addition to joining you in real-time battles, the Dream Eaters feature in Flick Rush. In this card-based battle game your current party of Dream Eaters will face off against another party of Spirits, and you'll need to attack or defend at the right time if you want to defeat the enemy! If you win, you'll be awarded with medals that can be exchanged at special shops in the game; who knows what good stuff you might get? If taking on the computer isn't enough of a challenge, you can get up to three friends in on the action via Local Play, and definitively decide who has the best team of Spirits!

This exciting title also has StreetPass functionality, allowing you to place special Link Portals in the game for other players to discover. When you make a portal you can assign Spirits to it, and set whether the portal will assist other players or challenge them to a battle - will your portal be a help or a hindrance?

With a generous sprinkling of Disney magic, and a charm that is all its own, a dizzying dream world awaits you in Kingdom Hearts 3D, exclusively on Nintendo 3DS.

Featuring beloved Disney characters and exciting settings from the movies you know and love!
Learn more about the future of Kingdom Hearts as the gripping story takes you towards the final showdown…
Recruit and train over 50 different types of Spirits who will join forces with your heroes, and do battle alongside them.
Play with your Spirits, pet them and take photos of them in the real world using Augmented Reality technology.
Play the card-based Flick Rush game with up to three friends via Local Play, and help or hinder other players via StreetPass!
developer Square Enix
publisher Square Enix
release date 2012
genre action, adventure, role-playing

players 4
req. accessories
online players 0
save blocks 0


Kingdom Hearts 3D - Dream Drop Distance 3DS cover (AKHE)

Kingdom Hearts 3D - Dream Drop Distance 3DS cover (AKHE)

Kingdom Hearts 3D - Dream Drop Distance 3DS cover (AKHE)
Kingdom Hearts 3D - Dream Drop Distance 3DS cover (AKHE)

Kingdom Hearts 3D - Dream Drop Distance 3DS cover (AKHE)

Kingdom Hearts 3D - Dream Drop Distance 3DS cover (AKHE)