PNVJ - Salamander

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region NTSC-J
type VC-PCE
languages JA
title (EN)Salamander
synopsis (EN)The first player controls Vic Viper and the second player takes the reins of debuting spacecraft Lord British, which is sometimes referred to as "Road British" due to the ambiguity of Japanese-to-English romanization. The game features six stages which alter between horizontal and vertical scrolling. Players are allowed to continue from where they leave upon death instead of being returned to a predefined checkpoint as per Gradius tradition. There are no continues in Salamander's single player mode; however, in the two-player mode, players are given two continues. The number of continues can be changed through DIP switches. The player gains power-ups by picking up capsules left behind by certain enemies, as opposed to the selection bar used in other Gradius titles. However, the Japanese version of Life Force keeps the selection bar. Many of the power-ups can be combined. For example, an option fires a second (or third) salvo of missiles or ripple/plutonic lasers if these power-ups have been option. The ripple and laser, however, are mutually exclusive. The only power-up that can survive the ship's destruction are the options. Upon the ship's destruction, the options float in space for a brief time before disappearing; the new ship can grab and retain them if they get to them first.
title (JA)沙羅曼蛇
synopsis (JA)シューティングゲームの傑作「グラディウス」の続編。「超時空戦闘機ビックバイパー」が「サラマンダ軍」の侵攻を食い止めるために敵の母星へと向かいます。
各ステージの最後で待ち構えるボスを破壊するとステージクリア。燃えさかる「高密度エネルギー」ステージをはじめ、火山弾が降り注ぐ「地底火山」や「小惑星」など、前作以上に趣向をこらした6ステージがアーケード版から忠実に移植されています。 攻略が難しいポイントで力をあわせて立ち向かうことができる2人同時プレイも可能です。
developer Konami
publisher Konami
release date 2014-10-22
genre action, shooter
rating A

players 1
req. accessories pad
accessories pro controller, wiimote, classic controller
online players 0