FDSE - Crash 'n the Boys Street Challenge

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region NTSC-U
type VC-NES
languages EN
title (EN)Crash 'n the Boys Street Challenge
synopsis (EN)Take it to the streets in an all-out, no-holds-barred sports challenge! Todd Thornley III, son of the head of Thornley Industries, has had it with Crash and the Southside boys. Todd decides Hiller High, along with help from the other high schools, will take down Crash by challenging him and Southside High to an unsanctioned street challenge. Take control of one of four high school teams, all with different characters to play, as you make your way through five wild sporting events. Rage through the 400 meter hurdles, Hammer Throw, Swimming, Rooftop Jumping, and Judo. Can you lead your high school to the top of the Street Challenge!?
developer Arc System Works Co., Ltd.
publisher Arc System Works Co., Ltd.
release date 2014-12-11
genre sports, fighting
rating E

content cartoon violence

players 4
req. accessories
accessories pad, pro controller, wiimote, classic controller
online players 0